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We invest in high-growth, next-generation tech companies that are disrupting how businesses operate, boosting productivity and transforming markets.


Technology is at a critical inflection point, driven by the advent and increased proliferation of AI and the tremendous impact it will have on businesses that harness its transformative powers. We are proven and experienced tech experts, who have pioneered and capitalized on other significant periods of tech disruption, from the advent of B2B internet applications and solutions, to the migration to vertical cloud solutions. We are proven tech investors, specialists and operators. 

We are a growth equity platform purpose built to partner with and grow next generation tech companies amid significant disruption. We have decades of experience investing in, building, growing and exiting tech businesses and we know how to make things work. We make investments in high-growth US Tech companies in key sectors experiencing accelerated transformation and where our team can drive outsized impact.



Our team is comprised of experienced and proven tech investors and operators, who have decades of hands-on experience running and growing tech companies. Our team has successfully traversed and exited several other key technological inflection points in history. Together our team pioneered the first wave of investment in B2B internet capabilities and solutions, via Internet Capital Group (NASDAQ: ICGE), and then they tapped the power of growing and operating vertical cloud businesses, via Actua Group (NASDAQ: ACTA).  

Together, we leverage our proven expertise and deep networks to source the most promising investment opportunities and create value for our investors and partner companies.


Buck Buckley

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO


John Loftus

Managing Partner


Cyrus Vandrevala

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO


Erik Rasmussen

Managing Partner

Vincent Menichelli Photo_edited.jpg

Vince Menichelli

Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer

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