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We identify and back entrepreneurs who are transforming the future of education and scaling technologies that improve access, affordability, and quality.


The Education sector's rapid transformation is underpinned by technology advancements such as evolution of the metaverse and 5/6G which are shaping the future. We invest growth equity in category-leading and category-making education technology, tech-enabled and education services companies driving transformation for students, teachers and taxpayers from Pre-K-12 through higher education and lifetime learning.  We aim to create better educational outcomes and access by embedding technology that fosters greater learning, lower workloads and removal of barriers. 


  • Consolidating point solutions into a single solution

  • Learning management systems

  • Student retention, assessments and course tracking tools

  • Bridging the gap between teachers and students



  • Technology is at the heart of the learning space of the future

  • Mobile study tools and online classroom learning

  • Next frontier: immersive tech (VR, AR & MR), gamification

  • Course and curriculum materials to encourage greater participation and engagement

  • Address skills mismatch by re-/up skilling of the workforce

  • Language learning

  • Career development

  • Online learning around career, home and life skills

  • Social-emotional learning that supports well-being and positive mental health


  • Data-driven teaching

  • Learning analytics and student assessment 

  • Increased data enhances decision-making procedures

"Investments in education and skills training are proven pathways to improved social outcomes such as consumer health, wealth, life expectancy and overall happiness. We invest behind seminal trends driving the long-overdue digital renovation of the education sector," Chuck Trafton, Managing Partner


Our team includes former educators, policy makers, operators, investors, regulators and entrepreneurs – we have first-hand knowledge of the megatrends driving the education markets.  We bring unique perspective and work closely with our portfolio companies we help create growth opportunities that increase access, reduce costs and transforms education. 


Buck Buckley

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO

Screenshot 2021-08-22 193919_edited.jpg

Charles Trafton

Operating Advisor


Cyrus Vandrevala

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO


Samantha Bradley

Operating Advisor

Managing Director of RealmSpark, a business unit of ASU Enterprise Partners

Vincent Menichelli Photo_edited.jpg

Vince Menichelli 

Managing Partner


Harry Keiley

Operating Advisor

Board Chairman at CalSTRS, former Investment Committee Chairman


Jo Johnson

Operating Advisor

Classroom Lecture
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