Healthcare Education
Seminal Trends Drive Change


  • Closing the US’s education funding gap

  • Student loans have become a $1.6T problem


  • Lifelong students

  • Personalization

  • Connected mobile living


Seminal Trends

  • Rampant and pervasive technology adoption (cloud, networks)

  • Lifelong learning; bridging workforce skills mismatch

  • Integration of mobile point-of-learning alongside blended and online modalities

  • Extended curriculum embracing learning immersion

  • Pressure on education funding fosters public/private partnerships

  • EdTech platforms are becoming large, transformative companies

  • Confluence of new technologies

  • Unprecedented data collection and sharing

  • Education is one of the last sectors to be remade by technology

We work to transform education and embed technology to foster greater efficiencies, cut workloads, and remove barriers—driving better educational outcomes and access for all students.

The Seminal Education strategy invests in innovative and proven business models that support the technological transformation of education—impacting choice, access and affordability. 
Investment Focus Underpinned by Four Themes


  • Consolidating point solutions into a single solution

  • Learning management systems

  • Student retention, assessments and course tracking tools

  • Bridging the gap between teachers and students

Classroom Innovation

  • Technology is at the heart of the learning space of the future

  • Mobile study tools and online classroom learning

  • Next frontier: immersive tech (VR, AR & MR)

  • Course and curriculum materials to encourage greater participation and engagement


  • Address skills mismatch by re-/up skilling of the workforce

  • Language learning

  • Career development

  • Online learning around career, home and life skills

  • Social-emotional learning that supports well-being and positive mental health

Data Analytics

  • Data-driven teaching

  • Learning analytics and student assessment 

  • Increased data enhances decision-making procedures

Seminal Education Team

Jo Johnson


Christopher Nagle

Operating Partner

Global Director for Holmes Education Group

Cindy Morgan

Operating Advisor

Strategic Human Resources at Penn Medicine

Charles Trafton

Managing Partner

Jared Carney

Operating Advisor

Founder & CEO
Lightdale LLC

Buck Buckley

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO

Joseph Ferguson

Operating Advisor
Executive In Residence at Charter School Growth Fund

Cyrus Vandrevala

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO

Harry Keiley

Operating Advisor

Chairman of the Investment Committee at CalSTRS