Investment Strengths

Successful investment track record and technology heritage in both private and public markets, we invest alongside our clients, maintaining long-term responsible investments with high impact.

  • Our investment teams have a long history as leading investors and operators within their specialist industry verticals.

  • Each team brings a wealth of experience and can widely draw upon and leverage long-standing strategic global relationships.


  • In addition, our active Operating Advisors help combine our network, extending proprietary deal flow and providing operational leverage.

  • The growth equity space provides for healthy alignment for strategic partnering with non-specialist investment firms and strategic corporates.

Active Managment

We target companies with attractive multiples, where we look to engineer an uplift. Our approach to value creation is holistic, often combining organic and external initiatives. 


  • Strategic guidance as Board members and tactical support, especially around growth strategy and financing.

  • Build out the company’s platform, extending product suite and client base—complementary M&A targets.

  • Expand/upgrade company’s C-suite from our network of specialists and industry leaders.

  • Enhance the company’s network, including key customers and network introductions— widening revenue channels.

  • We connect the technology dots—in particular, integration of AI and data analytics.

Focused Approach

At Seminal Capital, we identify, evaluate and invest in industry sectors that have the greatest impact generated through seminal trends.

In essence, we view the seminal trends through a corporate lens and create an investment framework that considers each wave of trend disruption, thereby transforming a deluge of disconnected information into targeted investment insight.

Understanding seminal trends correctly allows us to pinpoint growth companies across public and private markets, and we then amplify these trends through concentrated portfolio construction and company activism.

Industry leaders network with integrated operating advisors

Rich deal flow and

unparalleled insight

Across deal types and 
enterprise value range
Nurturing businesses and 
mentoring management

Vertical Sector Investments


Cross-sector Technology Investments