SaaS Landscape
Seminal Trends Drive Change

SaaS Business Model

  • Now the de-facto model for both startups and incumbents

  • Combines low-friction customer engagement, healthy cash flows and revenue visibility

  • Digital adoption has greater urgency (COVID-19 pandemic)

Seminal Trends

  • The first growth wave (2000-2020) was marked by plummeting technology costs, resulting in pervasive industry adoption

  • The second growth wave (2020-2040) will be driven by a convergence of new technologies which could radically resize the industry

  • Coding set for reinvention augmented by a confluence of new embedded technologies

We invest in attractive, dynamic businesses that benefit from low-friction engagement, provide enhanced customer experience, and are cashflow-driven with high revenue visibility.

The Seminal SaaS strategy will seek out innovative models that will combine a confluence of new technologies, in particular Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics. Our goal is to improve business sustainability and agility and support efficient technology and social transformation.
Investment Focus Underpinned by Three Themes

Vertical SaaS 

  • Vertical SaaS is completely customizable, targeting clients within specific industries and supply chains

Migration towards PaaS

  • The enhanced features, functionality, and ability to customize will enhance your overall business agility

  • PaaS offerings are robust, flexible, and accessible, which means you will be able to scale your business more easily

  • PaaS model maintains enhanced security, as the vast majority of such developments perform a host of automatic updates on a regular basis

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI optimizes business processes, increasing productivity and efficiency while automating repetitive tasks and supporting human capabilities

  • When SaaS is combined with AI capabilities, it enables businesses to obtain better value from their data: automate and personalize services, improve security, and supplement human capacity

Seminal SaaS Team

Buck Buckley

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO


Cyrus Vandrevala

Managing Partner

Co-founder and Co-CIO


Ryan Notvest CFA



Jimmy Birle