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Seminal trends are the combination of macro forces – such as economic, geostrategic, environmental, and technological transformation – that shape and reframe the way in which future business is conducted and connected. The implications for business are seismic and profound. 

First, we identify a broad range of future trends established by distinguished academia and leading industry thought leaders. Then we analyze each trend in isolation or combined. Future trends include: the political sphere of influence; the environment and scarcity of resources; demographics and urbanization; social changes and demands; and every aspect of technological innovation.


We view the seminal trends through a corporate lens and create an investment framework that considers each wave of trend disruption, thereby transforming a deluge of disconnected information into targeted investment insight. Understanding seminal trends correctly, will allow us to pinpoint growth companies across public and private markets and we then amplify these trends through concentrated portfolio construction and company activism. 


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Seminal Healthcare Strategy

Sector/theme: Seminal trends in healthcare that resonate through technology, services and tech-enabled healthcare services.


Companies: Innovative business models with unique sustainable leadership position, discovered through private equity methodology.


Investing: Early and accelerated growth-stage equity within private markets. 


Empower: Active collaboration and navigation to enhance profitability and growth.


Specialization: Trend concentration with deep sector focus.

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